We encourage the Men of CCC of Los Angeles to be examples of what the Kingdom Lifestyle looks like, sounds like and acts like.  The Kingsmen accomplishes that purpose! (Photograph: CCC Men's Advance 2013 - 9/2013)

Our Mission:

As KINGSMEN our mission is to raise the bar in commitment toward integrity, character and unity.  In unity Yahvah (God) commands the blessings.  We as men, lineup in military fashion behind our Bishop, under the anointed Spirit of Yahvah’s Word.

Men Should Always Pray and Praise!

Monday Night Prayer: 7pm

On the first Monday night of each month, we unite in prayer and march behind our Bishop/Pastor.

Thursday Kingsmen Prayer: 7pm

The first and third Thursday of each month is Kingsmen Prayer. This prayer is specific and directed toward men’s individual needs.

Sunday Kingsmen Meeting: 3pm

On the third Sunday of each Month our Kingmen Praise Lunch & Meeting



Deacon David “Mac” McCulley

Brother Anthony Cobbs

Brother Ahreyeel Holieway

Deacon Ricky Wasp


The Kingmen Outings are also scheduled on Saturdays

Men’s Fellowship Is The Place To Be! We are also active in Community Outreach:

Friends of Mark Twain Branch Library

African American Business Association (AABA)

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Community Re-Development Agency (CRA)

Green Meadows Park Programs

L.A.P.D. Community Forums

Alcohol and Drug Consultation

Voter Registration Drives