For H.E.L.P.S.


For H.E.L.P.S.

Below is an alphabetical listing of some additional auxiliaries, groups, and fellowships that comprise the Ministry of Helps at Christian's Community Center of Los Angeles.  If you are interested in joining any of the following auxiliaries and have completed all of your New Members classes, we encourage you to contact the leader for each group.  If you are a current Helps Ministry worker and desire to serve in more groups, please feel free to do so.  We are a church that believes in Servanthood, and staying busy for your spiritual growth and the growth of The Kingdom.

ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE PROGRAM (ADAP):  ADAP was founded by Minister Edward Scoot to educate the membership to the dangers of substance abuse, assist the abuser in obtaining freedom from addiction, and offer spiritual therapy and ongoing support to the abuser and his or her family members.  The program meets every   .  Co-dependents are always welcome.

GREETERS COMMITTEE:  The CCC Greeters make you feel at home so you do not feel alone in The Cathedral.  Their mission is to welcome each Visitor and New Member to CCC and make them feel at home while finding their purpose in the ministry.  It is their goal to help people feel connected; comfortable and committed to experience this life changing ministry.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER:  Here, these Prayer Warriors, stand in the gap for the Body of Mashiach (Christ).  The goal of intercessors prayer is to pray for individuals and our government entities, effect change and achieve victories so people develop an intimate relationship with Yahvah (God) and life the abundant life that Yahvah (God) promised.  Prayer Leaders pray in the Prayer Room or in their home during a designated time slot.

EVANGELISTICAL MINISTRIES:  These auxiliaries consist of COUNSELORS, PATHIENS, SOUL PATROL TEAM (Formerly WITNESSING TEAM), and SHUT-IN.  These groups provide Outreach functions and services. If you are interested in any of these Evangelistical Groups, please contact the Church Office at (562) 597-3252 for the specific leader for each department.

FAMILY NETWORK:  The Purpose of the CCC Family Network is provide assistance and information, run seminars and fairs, that educates families in regards to health care, pre-need counseling, lawyer and legal assistance, etc.  They seek to equip families with knowledge on various topics, should the needs arise.  All members of CCC are a part of the Family Network.  If you are interested in planning Family Network events, please consult Ever Morgan at (562) 597-3252.

USHERS/SERVICE AIDES:  This group also performs the vital service of directing, escorting and seating of the people who attend the services and other activities at Christian's Community Center of Los Angeles.  In addition to receiving offerings, these men and women also assist the with crowd control and with the distribution of information concerning church functions to members and visitors alike.