Musical Arts


Musical Arts


The mission of the Music Ministry is to lead the congregation of Christian’s Community Center of Los Angeles (CCC) in praise and worship of Yahvah (God) the Father and our Savior Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ). It is our sincere desire to spread the Savior’s True Hebrew name “far and wide” in the medium of anointed music.  It is also the mission of CCC’s Music Ministry to present the highest level of excellence in music that is attainable. This level of excellence is required of every member of CCC's Music Ministry. The members’ commitment, however, is not limited to musical skill and talent, but also to their overall walk as believers in Yeshua. Every member of CCC's Music Ministry is considered a worship leader and, as such, must conduct himself or herself as an example of the transformative power of our God. It is, furthermore, not the goal of the Music Ministry to just sing, but to sing in the anointing of the Holy Spirit both inside and outside the church walls.   Finally, it is the goal and objective of this Music Ministry to achieve musical excellence through the same kind of love, compassion, faithfulness, strength, truthfulness, self-control, patience, and motivation for service displayed by our great example, Yeshua.

Department Overview 

Christian’s Community Center of Los Angeles’ Music Ministry consists of the following musical units:

Christian’s Community Center Cathedral Choir

The Cathedral Choir ministers each Sunday morning during the worship service, and second and fourth Sunday Evenings. The Cathedral Choir rehearses after Bible Study on Wednesdays from 9pm to 11pm. This award-winning choir is capable of ministering both modern and contemporary music as well as traditional and spiritual anthems. This choir has garnered acclaim all over the Southern California area, winning the 2008 title of, Verizon's How Sweet The Sound, Best Small Choir in Southern California. The Cathedral Choir also has a calendar of external engagements and appearances throughout the year. Church membership is required to participate in The Cathedral Choir. Those interested in the Cathedral Choir should apply with Asst. Music Director, Renaud Colson at . For engagements, and appearances contact Pastor Thom Washington at .

Pastor Thom & The Cathedral Voices

The Cathedral Voices Praise Team consists of members of CCC's Music Ministry. The members of TCV are worship leaders who are recognized as having received the calling of Yahvah to minister in worship. This group of leaders has developed a relationship with Yahvah (God) as true worshippers. TCV members are also skilled singers and/or musicians who demonstrate the attributes of ministry. Admittance to this group is by appointment.  The number of members does not exceed seven.  If there is an opening, invitations are issued and auditions held. Currently the current group is signed to Sound of The House records with Pastor Thom Washington.

F.A.Y.T.H. (Faithful Anointed Youth Together in Harmony)

This highly contemporary group of young people, from the ages of 15-30, (comprised of voices from A.C.T., T.Y.C. and TROAS Singles), primarily sings praise songs that are meant to help their peer group identify the importance of praise and worship. FAYTH ministers on ‘Youth Take Over Sundays’, the second Sunday of every month.   Like the Cathedral, F.A.Y.T.H. also ministers at various events and elsewhere during the course of the year.

Gospel Jubilee

This is an anointed group consisting of our seasoned senior members. This singing group ministers traditional songs that are designed to reach a cross-section of our congregation. Their music is inspired, anointed, and full of life. They minister for special events, concerts, and everyfourth Sunday during Morning Service.

"REJOICE!" Children's Choir

The "REJOICE!" Children's choir consists of our little worshippers between the ages of 6-11 years of age. They primarily sing songs that are designed to develop their understanding of what it means to worship Yahvah (God). They minister in Children's Church and in The Cathedral when scheduled.

The Band of CCC Los Angeles

‘The Band’ ministers in The Cathedral at all musical services. Members are expected to be able to read charts and music. Church membership is required for the core group; however, guest musicians can minister by invitation and/or audition. Qualified and interested persons must apply directly to the Director of Music.

It is the intent of this Department to have open enrollment. We will always be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of Yahvah concerning persons that He has sent to join Christian’s Community Center's Music Ministry. However, there are limitations to the size of certain groups.

Anyone interested in becoming a participant in the Music Ministry, please contact the Assistant Music Director, Renaud Colson at  , or call 323-751-3896 for more information.

To book engagements and appearances, please contact the Director of Music, Pastor Thom Washington at , or call 323-751-3896.

Yours in Yeshua,

Pastor Thom Washington, Director of Music