Art of Dance


Art of Dance

What is Praise Dancing?

Praise dance (also known as liturgical dance or worship dance) is a form of worship that seeks to articulate the Word and Spirit of Yahvah (God) through the body. According to the New York Times, praise dance is a popular part of church services across the country. While it is considered controversial in some Christian circles, praise dance is considered an expression of joy by others. Here at Christian's Community Center of Los Angeles this expression of praise has a role in our praise and worship.


Dancing was used in ancient times to express joy and thankfulness to Yahvah. The tradition carried on for many years, until it was forced out of the Christian church by the Reformation. In the 20th century, praise dance began to re-enter praise and worship services. Praise dance can be diverse, including traditional or modern ballet and lyrical dancing. It is performed to praise music. Dances can be spontaneous or choreographed, involving an individual or a group of dancers.

Our group of fabulous dancers is led by Candice Johnson. They can be seen at their energetic, high powered best at our special events and at youth meetings. For more information, contact Candice Johnson at 323-751-3896