For Kids


For Kids

Children’s Church – ages 5 to 12

Welcome to our Children’s Church services. They are filled with exciting and engaging experiences kids can relate to and enjoy! At these ages, kids are taught how to become followers of Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ), and how to develop a Godly character. And we have a ton of fun in the process.

What can kids expect to do during service?

  • Participate in great worship music led by their peers in Children’s Church
  • Learn about the love, faithfulness and power of Yahvah (God) from interactive, visual Bible lessons that utilize a cool mixed-media format
  • Watch a showcase of live dramas
  • Experience fun games that support the lesson
  • Work on cool craft projects that encourage creativity and help reinforce the lesson
  • Be part of dynamic small groups. Small group time is filled with fun activities, prayer, and a personal, one-on-one discussion about the teaching “truth of the day.” In these small groups, life change takes place and friendships are formed that will last a lifetime. There’s never a dull moment while we learn about Yeshua together!


We begin accepting children into the classrooms 30 minutes before the start of service. Parents are given an ID card when checking a child into the classroom. It must be returned to one of our Children’s Church staff members in order to pick up your child. No child will ever be released without the parent presenting their credentials/ID card. If Children’s Church staff members need to contact you, you will be notified discreetly by your id number via ON-SCREEN ALERT in the Main Sanctuary.

What should parents bring?

  • Please bring an age-appropriate Bible for your child if they have one.
  • Out of concern for the severe food allergies of some of our kids, we ask parents to REFRAIN from allowing your children to bring food or drinks into the classroom. They may, however, bring water.

For more info, call Joy Cobbs at 323-751-3896 or email .