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Pastor Gordon Dorsey

He was born September 3rd, 1957 to Thomas and Bette Dorsey in St. Paul, Minnesota. At the age of 2 months, his parents moved to California with him and his two siblings. His father, who passed away in 1980, was a photographer and his mother, who passed in 1996, was a certified nurse.

Minister Dorsey grew up in Los Angeles, Compton and Venice, California. At the age of 17 he joined the job corp, which prepared him for a career in the United States Army. He enlisted at the young age of 18 years old. During his ten year stay in the military, he had the opportunity to visit places such as Korea, Alaska, and Japan and earned the rank of Corporal.


While in the military, Minister Dorsey realized that a career in the military was not his calling in life. He began to discover that there was more for him in life than serving in the United State military. Deep inside he knew Yahvah was calling him to a much was calling him to a much higher level. Eventually, he left the military and accepted a job with the local School District.

In 1992, a friend invited him to his church. He said "come on by the place where the word is taught right". Not long after this initial invitation, Minister Dorsey came to Christian's Community Center Church, attended a Friday night Bible Study, and knew instantly that this is where he was suppose to be. He was baptized by Pastor Perkins and filled with the Holy Spirit two weeks after coming to Christian's CommunityCenter. At last, he experinced a level of assurance in his life that enabled him to be still and let Yahvah(God) do a marvelous work in him. He began to come regularly with his two son, Aaron and Eric Dorsey, who later were baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Almost immediately after becoming a certified member of Christian;s Community Center Church, Minister Dorsey became an usher and joined the Deacon Board. Approximately two years after serving in Yahvah's house as a Deacon, he joined the ministerial staff. His spirit was somewhat at ease to have found his true calling in the ministry. Once he entered into the ministry he decided to allow himself to be used in any and all ways Yahvah would have him. There was never too much he could do in the house of Yahvah.

Minister Gordon Dorsey assumed a multitude of duties in the church. He taught Ne Members Classes and became a member of the Brotherhood Board. When the Me n's Prayer was created he attended faitlyfully and later took over the men's prayer, teaching men how to pray with with fervency and the importance of prayer while leading their families. 

When Bishop introduced to the congregation the true and correct name of our Savior, Yeshua, Minister Dorsey was even more convinced that he was in the right plade at the right time. He began to attend the Hebrew class and learned well enough to begin teaching the Tuesday night Hebrew class to all who desired to learn.

While Minister Dorsey enjoyed all the duries of the ministry, he did not have anyone to share the beauty of the ministry with. In 2004, he met his future wife, Gloria Smith Dorsey. They courted for 3 years before getting married in October of 2007. While on their honeymoon in Seattle, Washington, Yahvah revealed to him that this is the area to build a church and introduce the name "Yeshua". In the year 2010, Minister Gordon Dorsey got the call to become a Pastor and establish a CCC in Seattle, Washington. 

Gloria Dorsey was born April 4, 1962 to JC and Gearlenn Smith in Los Angeles, California. Her father, JC Smith was a lab technician at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital and her mother worked in the field of education. From a young age she always felt she belonged to a man of God, one who was truly called to a ministry that guided people to salvation. In 1984, Gloria was invited to church by a couple from Christian's Community Center and was later baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit and son joined the church choir.    

She embarked upon numerous tasks in the church such as becoming a Sunday School teacher, a member of the Hospatality Committee, Counselor, Pathein and Choir Member. After marrying Pastor Gordon Dorsey in 2007, she bacame his par tner in leading the CCC Witnessing Team and obediently rested under hi headship. She looks forward to supporting her husband in the building of CCC Seattle, Washington.